Chaos (SOL #3)

As I was listening to the “Hidden Brain” podcast yesterday, host Shankar Vedantam talked about how having chaos in your life makes you think smarter. The thinking behind this is that if you are given an obstacle, your brain has to find a better way of performing the task at hand.

While in theory I believe this, it doesn’t mean I have to like the process.

I like to be an organized person, and when I feel disorder happening, I get anxious. As a teacher, I often find that either my home life is in order or my school life is in order – never both at the same time. And sometimes, they are both in a state of chaos.

Right now, I feel like school life is relatively in order. I have some manageable grading to do this weekend, but the unit I am doing with my students (argument writing) is something I have to take day by day. I am also trying to read more professionally, but with moderate success.

My home life, however, feels a little chaotic at the moment. I haven’t found time to vacuum in weeks. I have a TV stand from Christmas that is still sitting in a box, waiting to be built. However, yesterday I did reorganize my bookshelves, and got rid of the piles stacked up around them. I even sold some books at Half Price Books tonight. Baby steps.

If I can take these baby steps toward organization, then I feel like I at least have a plan. It’s 9:16 p.m. right now though, and my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow, which means I may be burning the midnight oil to get the rest of my place cleaned up.

But even if it takes me longer to organize, won’t that just make me smarter in the end?


6 thoughts on “Chaos (SOL #3)

  1. Your slice made me smile as I recognized myself several times in it! I have always said that I can only maintain order in one place at one time…and, as you said, sometimes even that isn’t possible. The only time I feel like I can do better is right before school starts…that calm before the storm when I’ve successfully “nested” both areas into a temporary sense of order. 🙂 But, as you said, we’re getting smarter, right?? Have a fun weekend with your family!


  2. NIce – like that podcast too
    I can relate to your angst
    you capture it all well
    go baby steps go

    getting better at letting go of the battle with the chaos
    in the big picture of life it does not matter how often I vacuum
    especially is I am out having fun
    and connecting with others


  3. LOL You sound like me! I had a mini melt down last week because things felt so chaotic. I had to make a list and start working through it. Once I started doing that, my world felt a little calmer


  4. Hidden Brain is fantastic! One of my favorites. I also mentioned Half-Price Books in my post today – weird. Good luck with argument writing. What are they arguing?


  5. I think baby steps is the trick to getting and staying organized. It’s also important to realize that it’s a process and the finish line may move as you progress. Be kind to yourself. It sounds to me like you’re doing fine!


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