Reading Reflection (SOL #4)

Today I finally finished reading 1984, after taking a few weeks to get through it. I wanted to read it much faster than I did, but it’s not really a book you can read quickly. It compels you to stop and think about it.

I try to remember my own reading habits and patterns when I am talking to my students about books. Some books take longer than others to get through, not because we don’t like them, but because we read in different ways with different books. My students sometimes comment on  how I read so fast (I keep a list of books I’ve read on my wall), but in all honesty, I am a very slow reader. I just create the time to read.

My kids don’t often understand this – sometimes you have to create that time for reading, and make it a priority. I read constantly because I know there are so many books out there that I will enjoy. I don’t think some of my students feel this way, and they don’t have a continuous list of to-read titles. That’s part of my job – to help them start to see this reading potential.

I often find myself frustrated when I am moving too slowly through a book because my to-read pile just grows as I am working my way through. I have to come to terms with the fact that maybe reading a classic published in 1949 will just take me longer to read than the latest popular YA novel.

But since I’ve just finished one book, now I have the excitement of picking the next one! Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Reading Reflection (SOL #4)

  1. Ugh, creating time to read is really the key to being an active, productive reader! I often think about that as I find myself watching TV (or scrolling through Twitter, etc.). I’m glad you got to finish 1984–you’re right, it’s the kind of book that demands to be savored.

    Thanks for sharing!


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