Teacher, Sick (SOL #6)

Last night, I started feeling sick – sore throat, headache – and this morning it all felt a little worse, but I went into work anyway. As a teacher, I hate missing school, and getting sick also throws off my whole routine. I can’t work out, it’s hard to concentrate and read, and I often feel like I can’t even get little tasks done.

And then I have to come up with sub plans and hope for the best.

One of the other challenges of teaching middle school while sick is that normally manageable situations are harder because I can barely speak. Earlier today, I struggled with my study center that just could not stop talking, and when I asked them to keep quiet because I had a terrible headache, they didn’t. I couldn’t yell over them because my throat was killing me. I was so frustrated and felt like an awful teacher. 8th grade boys can be so tiresome, and some of the ones I have this year can unfortunately be disrespectful when put in a group together (like study center).

My post is short tonight because I’m still feeling sick, and starting to fade. I let myself take the day off tomorrow to rest and recover. Hopefully my students will be kind and respectful to my sub, and I can return on Wednesday with a little more energy and perseverance.

*please excuse any typos or errors – sick brain = not a good editor.


6 thoughts on “Teacher, Sick (SOL #6)

  1. Sometimes it can be more work to not go in to work than just going in. Loosing your voice does make it really hard to teach!! Feel better!


  2. I hope you feel better soon! It’s AWFUL trying to teach and being sick. I’ve learned the hard way too the next day because I only feel worse. We do so much for this job, don’t let it take the healthy days away from you. Glad you’re taking time for yourself.


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