Crazy Train, or the Life of a Teacher (SOL #9)

Where to begin today? I started out by jumping on the crazy train, and just rode it all day.

The first three classes I taught went well (even though a student tried to throw an eraser at me in 2nd period), but they just felt jam-packed. I was conferring with kids nearly the whole time, and since my co-teacher had a sub, I felt thankful that he was ready to jump in and confer with kids too. That was great. But I still felt wiped after 3rd period.

I had a little break during my 4th period plan, but I had to take a break from my planning to deal with a few wild students (not mine), then my wacky 5th period study center came in. Luckily, those guys were pretty tame today, but I spent the whole period multitasking – helping kids with work, getting missing assignments, answering phone calls – it just never stopped.

Even at lunch, I didn’t get a break. Today was our peer buddy lunch day, which I lead for 8th grade. It’s a great group to lead, but I didn’t get to sit and enjoy my lunch or even just take a breather. Each thing today just rolled right into the next thing.

7th & 8th period were mini-lessons and then constant conferring. I love teaching days like today when I get to spend most of class talking to students about their writing, but I feel like I didn’t get a chance to just organize my thoughts. And I forgot that I had bus duty (for the 3rd day in a row). Whoops.

The whole day was also masked by some 8th grade drama because the kids just would not stop talking about it. It wasn’t necessarily distracting, but having to rehash this issue every class period was a little exhausting.

After school, I needed a break, so my husband and I took a walk to Starbucks where I got a Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. Finally – a little respite. I still feel a little like I’m juggling 500 things at once, but hopefully tomorrow will be a little smoother.

Love, Teach does a good job of explaining my day:



4 thoughts on “Crazy Train, or the Life of a Teacher (SOL #9)

  1. I love Love, Teach! And yes, your day sounds intense. I was pretty brain dead by the end of the day too–trying to find two mangas I just bought a student, conferring with kids on their writing, dealing with the kids whose iPads weren’t charged, remembering who had asked to use the pass last…it never ends!


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