Friday Laughs (SOL #10)

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh along with my students. My study center is quite an energetic group. I have 18 boys and 8 girls, and in middle school, that makes for a very antsy bunch. (If you didn’t know, middle school boys generally have trouble sitting still.)

Since it was Friday today, and I usually let my study center talk and play games if they want on Fridays, I ended up spending a lot of time talking with them. The main headline was “Who’s Coming to Our School Today.” My room faces the front of the school, so they like to analyze every movement outside.

“Why is that guy walking around with a clipboard? Should we call the police?”

“Someone is getting flowers today! They’re for you, Mrs. Polacek!” (They weren’t.)

“Why is that baby coming into school? She’s too young for 6th grade.”

I had to laugh along with them. One other moment that made me put my head in my hands and just laugh was when one student got ahold of another student’s spinner fidget (see exhibit A, the bane of many middle school teachers’ existences) toward the end of class.

All of a sudden, he whipped out his fidget too, and started spinning them like he was twirling pistols in a wild west movie. I just laughed, and so did the other kids. It was almost time for them to go to lunch, and it was nice for them to have a few moments to blow off steam on a Friday.

Sometimes teaching 8th grade can be tough, but there are so many fun personalities in the 150 kids I see every day, it’s worth it.

Exhibit A:



2 thoughts on “Friday Laughs (SOL #10)

  1. I just took that fidget thing away from a student two days ago and had never seen one before. It drove me crazy. I really liked what they were observing. I might have to try that and have that be the first sentence of their stories.


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