Harry Potter = Love (SOL #11)

I went to a friend’s baby shower today, and she had requested that everyone get her books in lieu of cards. She had a recommended list on babylist.com of some really amazing titles (I bought her I Dissent, a book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg), and one of the books she received was an illustrated Harry Potter book.

My friend and I both grew up reading about Harry Potter – the first books came out when we were 11 years old, so we were both a part of the true Harry Potter generation. We are also both teachers, and when she opened the book, she commented on how many of her students are part of an “inbetween” time for Harry Potter – they are too young to have felt the hype, but too old that their parents weren’t really fans either. We talked about how our generation is going to be the first one to really share our love of the Harry Potter series with our own children, and how excited we are to do that.

At that point, when my friend was looking through the book, many of us started talking about what Harry Potter meant to us. It was a nice moment – sharing stories about how this magical story had touched us, or our kids, and how we continue to spread the Gospel of Rowling to all of our loved ones.

It made me happy to think about how all of us had some connection to Harry Potter, and how this little story that no one wanted to publish has made such a powerful impact on millions of people.


14 thoughts on “Harry Potter = Love (SOL #11)

  1. I enjoyed your post! I never caught the Harry Pottrt fever… mostly because I prefer realistic fiction. Maybe I should give it another chance!


  2. What a timely post. I have never read Harry Potter- even though my 11 year old is on round three of reading all of them. I was subbing in a fourth grade classroom the other day and had to read “The Sorcerers Stone” and I fell in love. Needless to say, I had to go beg my daughter to borrow her collection to depend my own understanding and love for this world that she has long held dear to her heart.


  3. When Harry Potter first came out I fell in love with them, and then as my kids grew up they did, too. I am so grateful that we share that love. We do a Potter movie marathon at least once a year now. My kids have reread the books at least 5 or 6 times and talked about how they seemed so different each time. Harry Potter DOES = Love!


  4. My youngest just starting reading Harry Potter, in fact we went to the bookstore tonight to get the second book. My daughters are 10 years apart, but now that my youngest is 10, they have their love of Harry Potter in common.


  5. I loved “I Dissent” and think it is a brilliant book for a baby shower. I was an adult when the HP series began and read them all more than once. I am thrilled and amazed at how into it my current 6th graders are. I am revisiting the series by listening to them in the car and just finished the Half Blood Prince. I am a little sad to think I have only one audiobook to go.


  6. I discovered the first Harry Potter book in the corner of the college bookstore when my husband was finishing up his graduate degree in architecture and I was looking for my first teaching job- long before there was any hype. I ended up reading the series along with my 9th grade students in my first couple of years of teaching, waving to students and former students in the lines for midnight releases of the next book, and buying extra copies of each book in the series for my classroom, because many of my students could not afford to buy books, and the wait at the library for a new Harry Potter could take years. When the final book was released, my husband and I were on vacation on Molokai, an island without a bookstore. Not that you needed a bookstore to buy a Harry Potter book by that point, but Molokai did not have a lot of any kinds of stores. We ended up taking the ferry across an extremely rough, one day past a hurricane, channel to the island of Maui, very we hiked around for more than an hour before we bumped into a Safeway that carried copies of the book. (Naturally.) As I was on crutches for a disastrously bad ankle injury that had happened 5 1/2 months before, this was quite a trek…and totally worth it. That fall, I took extra copies to my classroom and my seniors, who had also been my freshmen students three years before, voted that I had the best Harry Potter obtaining story of all time. And then they borrowed my books. 😀


  7. I can’t wait to read Harry Potter with my future children! Although I do feel a bit sad that kids who read the series nowadays have all of the books available to them in one go… For me, part of the magic was growing up alongside Harry and his friends, every year waiting for the newest book, then the newest film… It will be a different journey for kids discovering them all at once.


  8. Love the idea of books instead of cards for a baby shower. I resisted Harry Potter for the longest time, but now I am hooked. Yes, I was already teaching when they came out.


  9. When my son was eight, the first HP book had been out for a year. We read the first one, and were hooked! We went to the midnight B&N book releases, which were often linked to a prior book’s movie release. So,off to a late movie, then over to the B&N to get the next one up, and then Dunkin Donuts before heading home to read! My son was sixteen or seventeen when the series ended, along with our connection to literature. My niece was hooked as well. In fact, her bachelerotte party in FL at HP World! Yes, it certainly was a phenomenon. Lucky you for living it through the eyes of an adolescent. The new illustrated books are gorgeous. I started collecting them as well. Thanks for sharing and for bringing back warm memories for me as well!


  10. I am ashamed to admit I haven’t read them. I bought them after watching a few of the movies but didn’t want to read them till after watching the movies as I usually find I can’t enjoy a movie of a book, especially young adult, because of how they destroy it in film. With ignorance of the novel content, the movies are still enjoyable. But, life and work and the length of the series has gotten in the way. One summer vacation, I’ll eventually read them. Fantasy and scifi are my jam.


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