Poem for Today (SOL #13)

Daylight Savings – losing an hour of sleep

State testing tomorrow

And possible snow tonight makes for the perfect storm

Students are all out of whack.

1st and 2nd period are quiet,

Tired from a lack of sleep.

3rd period was out of control,

Excited and antsy for what’s to come.

4th period, a respite to plan.

5th period, excited for the dodgeball tournament.

Lunch means leftover pizza

(I was feeling the effects of springing forward an hour, too).

We’ll see what the afternoon holds,

But I can guess

7th period will be chatty but focused,

8th period will be all over the place.

Then a meeting after school.

I just want to stay home,

and watch the snow fall

(And hope for our first snow day of the year).


2 thoughts on “Poem for Today (SOL #13)

  1. Good luck. We have had three and are hoping for no more. I think the state testing dates should be changed to be either a couple weeks before or a couple of weeks after Day Light Savings time. Of course, the kids will be out of whack!


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