Madness (SOL #17)

March Madness is such a fun time of year. The tournament started yesterday, and already began with a bang. A 12 seed beat a 5 seed. An 11 seed (Xavier – one of my hometown teams and my brother-in-law’s alma mater) upset a 6 seed. A lot of games were close. Drama happened with my other brother-in-law’s alma mater, Vanderbilt, when a player fouled unnecessarily at the end of the game when they were up by two. Vandy ended up losing.

It’s always an exciting time to be a sports fan during March Madness. I haven’t paid as much attention to college basketball this year as I usually do, but with a sportswriter husband, I usually have at least a passing knowledge of the current climate. Plus, it’s just fun to have so much basketball on all day, not to mention filling out a bracket and competing with others.

I let my study center watch the beginning of the first game yesterday, and we watched a little bit again today. It’s fun to chat with my students about the games too, and to talk about who we have winning it all. I have Duke – one of my childhood favorites.

Sidenote: in 5th grade, I became a Duke fan because Duke and UCONN played each other in the championship and I just picked a side. (Duke lost.) The tournament helped choose one of my basketball allegiances.

During my freshman year in college, I had my wisdom teeth removed the morning that the tournament began. I laid on the couch and watched basketball all day. It wasn’t such a bad way to spend that day.

My alma mater (Ohio State) isn’t in the tournament this year, so I’m not as invested as I would be if they were playing, but I love cheering for my family’s teams, too. I’m happy that Xavier and Cincinnati both won, and I hope they keep winning – even though I have them both losing in the next round.

Hooray for March!


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