Regina Spektor (SOL #21)

I almost missed my slice today because I got home late. I went to a concert to see Regina Spektor – someone whom I have loved for more than a decade, but have never had the chance to see in concert.

She was lovely, shyly smiling and thanking the crowd after each song, but her timid crowd interactions contrast with some of her powerful, politically-driven songs. She is an expert pianist, and her music is beautiful, meaningful, and thoughtful.

At one point, she stopped and talked about how she was a refugee and immigrant, and felt so lucky to live in America and how much she loves it here. She received applause and cheers from the audience when she denounced walls and bans that separated us, and implored us to keep our hearts open.

I have admired Regina for years, and I could have stayed for hours more listening to her music. I hope that I get the chance to see her again soon.

One of my favorite songs, “Us”: Regina Spektor – “Us”


3 thoughts on “Regina Spektor (SOL #21)

  1. I cannot say that I am familiar with Regina Spektor, but I love her story about being an immigrant and about not being walls and bans. Sounds like time well spent.


  2. How great you got to spend an inspiring evening with an artist who you love. I find those opportunities are nourishing in ways that are indescribable, but yet important somehow. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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