Florida (SOL #27)

This morning, I flew from Cincinnati, OH to Jacksonville, FL on Allegiant Airlines. Normally when I fly Allegiant, there are many delays, we board late, and it’s not always the best experience. But as a discount airline, you get what you pay for, and that’s fine with me. I’ll take a few hiccups for a cheaper flight.

Today, however, everything went well. We boarded on time (6:30 a.m.), and even though we got on with zone 5, I was able to get my carry-on in the overhead compartment easily. The flight took off on time, and landed on time – it was a Spring Break miracle!

My husband and I are now in Florida visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and niece, as well as his mom’s extended family. I’m glad I get to spend Spring Break with my family in Florida, and relax a little bit from schoolwork. I brought some grading along with me, but it might just wait until I get back. I need a little extra time to pause and recharge, to read and spend some time with loved ones.


Books for Babies (SOL #26)

Tomorrow, I get to go visit my niece in Florida. She is only two months old, but I am already supplying her with lots of books. I’m bringing three of them with me tomorrow.

Rosie Revere, Engineer – This is an adorable story about a little girl named Rosie who wants to be an engineer, but she is discouraged when one of her inventions gets laughed at. Then her great aunt Rose, who worked during WWII, comes to visit and inspires her to keep creating and designing new inventions. Great aunt Rose teaches her that even if she fails, it’s okay! I love that I will get to share this story with my niece (even if she can’t understand it yet)!


Ellie – I got this book because my niece’s name is Ellie, and it’s about a little elephant named Ellie who tries to find her own special talent. She ends up using her trunk to paint pictures, and everyone comes to love her artwork. My sister-in-law has decorated Ellie’s room with elephants, so it fits perfectly!


Bunny Roo, I Love You – I found this one on sale at a local bookstore, and the drawings were so beautiful that I had to get it. I know my sister-in-law will love it too. It’s a cute little story about about a mom whose baby mimics different animals, until she finally sees her baby just for who she is.


I’m excited to share these stories with my niece, and many, many more as she continues to grow up!