Vacation Poem (SOL #29)

Spring Break is a special time of year

A chance to breathe

To visit family out of state

And to read to my heart’s content

I still have a few days left

And I’m cherishing them

When I go back next Monday,

I’ll be well-rested

And ready to tackle the fun of middle school again! 


Mole Crickets (SOL #28)

Have you ever heard of mole crickets? I hadn’t before yesterday. While my husband and I were at my brother’s house in Florida, my sister-in-law told us that one day she found her dog barking at something strange on the back porch. She went out to investigate, and found this:

A mole cricket, she later discovered it was called. She said that she covered it up with a plastic cup before getting it out of the yard. 

I had never heard of these before, and my husband and I found them really creepy. Being from Ohio, we had no idea what they are. Florida has some strange creatures. 

I’m just hoping that we don’t encounter any during the rest of our stay!

Florida (SOL #27)

This morning, I flew from Cincinnati, OH to Jacksonville, FL on Allegiant Airlines. Normally when I fly Allegiant, there are many delays, we board late, and it’s not always the best experience. But as a discount airline, you get what you pay for, and that’s fine with me. I’ll take a few hiccups for a cheaper flight.

Today, however, everything went well. We boarded on time (6:30 a.m.), and even though we got on with zone 5, I was able to get my carry-on in the overhead compartment easily. The flight took off on time, and landed on time – it was a Spring Break miracle!

My husband and I are now in Florida visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and niece, as well as his mom’s extended family. I’m glad I get to spend Spring Break with my family in Florida, and relax a little bit from schoolwork. I brought some grading along with me, but it might just wait until I get back. I need a little extra time to pause and recharge, to read and spend some time with loved ones.