The Start of Me and You (SOL #30)

One more day to go! It’s been hard to find time to write while I’ve been on vacation – I usually forget until it’s right at the deadline.

Today, I finished a book called The Start of Me and You, a YA novel by Emery Lord. She is from my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, so I’ve been interested in reading her books. I love discovering local authors. I read her book When We Collided over the summer, and it was heartbreaking, but beautiful

The Start of Me and You reads like a typical teen drama – it takes places over the course of a school year, in which the main character, Paige, is still getting over the death of her boyfriend a year ago. She decides to make a list of things to do to help her get back to normal life.

The thing I love about this book, and what I think sets it apart from other teen novels, is that Lord’s characters are so strong and well-developed. They are complicated and messy, just like real people. She really gets to know these people whose story she tells, and they come alive.

Maybe I saw a bit of myself reflected in Paige, the main character, and my high-school self would have been jealous of her tight-knit friend group. This book is definitely more about character development and personal reflection than exciting plot lines. I have found that I am drawn to these kinds of stories.

I am going to get a copy of this book for my 8th grade classroom – it’s tame enough for middle school, but also has enough drama to keep their interest. I’m looking forward to reading more of Emery Lord’s books!